Gerilyn Snow Emata (aka Geri) is a modern-day unconventional artist who finds great satisfaction in writing music and exploring the uncharted. She has a unique, individual style which springs forth life and its numerous natural beauties. It is a reflection of her positive energy and the nature of her character and background.

Geri recently worked as an on-air radio personality for the local Maui KLHI HI92 Radio Station for a little over a month until Covid-19 unfortunately brought the world to a standstill. As a result of this, she is enjoying time at home with her family, their new home-garden, Geriʻs Sailbags Maui business, and of course, writing more music. She is also reviving a ten-year old childrenʻs project alongside her friend, Cyndi Davis-Akeo, which entails creating a live show and original music for kids, called ‘The Peek-a-Bows’.

Her former careers as a flight attendant, aerial acrobat, actress, singer, and lūʻau dancer, as well as being a mother and an introverted, spunky scorpion, compels her to translate her captivating stories, feelings and ambiance into sounds through the music she writes which are all brought to life with diverse masterpieces. Her musical influences lean towards pop and r&b. Geri merges her skills and experience in song writing to create remarkably beautiful music videos and sound. You could be tempted to say that it is simply in-born. Her passion for writing music is filled with a lot of zeal thus making reading her music and converting it into rhymes, a thrilling experience.