Gerilyn Snow Emata was born in San Jose, California. An only child of a musician father and artist/photographer mother, she took a natural liking to the arts and had an affinity for music for as long as she can remember.  She grew up watching her dad play keyboards in a funk band and also had musical influences from her aunty and uncle musicians/teachers. Acting as a mini “rodey” and helping her dad roll up wires after his gigs, she fell in love with the energy music generated. Although her dad was also a piano teacher, Geri enjoyed singing instead, pretending she was a pop star when she was at home in her PJs and shampoo bottle-microphone.


In 1991, Geri and her parents relocated to Maui, Hawaiʻi for a steady music gig for her dad.  Although she missed her family and friends back home, Geri fell in love with Maui. Transitioning into her new home, she focused on school and started dancing in lūʻau shows and in a hālau hula while trying to stay involved with the drama program at her high school. She took vocal lessons and competed in a locally televised singing competition. She later began performing at a cultural production in Lāhainā. She started out as a dancer, eventually becoming a vocalist and then aerial acrobat.


With music back in her life, she began writing her own music. She did some backup vocals on her brother-in-law’s album.  Trying to figure out her future as a crafter and lover of fashion, she simultaneously got her Associates in Fashion Technology at UHMC. In the meantime, she kept writing lyrics and melodies. Her private music diary was slowing growing.  She did some sewing work for a few Maui clothing companies, hosted a local television show, emceed at a lūʻau show, and competed as a soloist in a world-renowned hula competition.


Geri started focusing on a new venture with her best friend, creating a live show for kids and filmed a made-for-TV episode. She then began working as a flight attendant and also took over an eco-friendly beach bag business.


In between projects and a busy workload, Geri became a mommy of 3 beautiful girls.  She decided it was time to slow down and concentrate on her family. Music always called her back.  She was hired for a few songs to do backup vocals on another local artist’s album and got the music bug again being back in the studio. She decided to record one of her original songs and launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist with professional recording costs.  After successfully reaching her campaign goal and with the help of her Uncle (a music producer in North Hollywood), Geri decided to push a little further and record a six-track EP album.  

Geri’s musical influences lean towards pop and r&b. She grew up rocking out to Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Alanis Morissette, and Janet Jackson to name a few.  Geriʻs music genre, however, reflects her growth in Hawaiʻi with an island-pop vibe. She notes that “we all have similar stories; the good, the bad, the joy and struggles, debates, heartache, love...” She hopes people can connect to her music and believes music can heal.

Currently, she is set to release her debut single entitled “Sugar Rush” on February 1, 2019 for digital download only on all music platforms with new single releases every few months.  A collective EP music album containing the previously released songs shall follow.


As the "new kid on the block", Geri is stoked to finally share her love of melody/lyric-writing. She is eternally grateful to her friends, family and all those that have contributed to making this possible as an unknown artist.